Det nye Kindle lesebrett med "frontlys" FORSINKET!

Dette er dårlige nyheter. Det ser nemlig ut som at Amazon har problemer med skjermen som skal håndtere leselyset til det nye e-inc Kindle lesebrettet. Amazon's nye Kindle som nå er på vei skal ta opp konkurransen med Barnes & Noble's nye "Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight".

Følgende er sakset fra bloggen "Good E-reader"

"Amazon has been quietly prepping a new e-ink based reader that is similar to the Barnes and Noble Simple Touch with Glowlight. It uses new technology gleaned from a company Amazon had bought out last year, Seattle based company Oy Modilis. The company prided itself on being the world leader in light-guide technology.   It seems this new product might be delayed due to manufacturing problems with the new front lite screen.
Digitimes is reporting that Amazon has stopped parts in its supply chain for the new Kindle and there is a possibility that orders from Amazon’s electronic paper display provider, E Ink, will be stopped throughout July and August in order to tackle issues with the device’s front light.  This may prevent Amazon from shipping of the device until later in the third quarter."

Jeg krysser fingre og tær og håper de tekniske utfordringene ikke er uoverkommelige ...!

Uansett er det - 2 dager igjen til FERIEEEEE... :-)